Saad Raja

Making Simple Hummus Perfect Every Time

Hummus is proof that some of the best tasting things in life are the simplest to make. This simple chickpea-based dip to a delicious snack, starter or accompaniment to any meal. The creaminess – and tastiness – of the dish has made it popular all around the world.

Not only is hummus ultra-creamy and delicious, it boasts a great balance of protein, fibre, and healthy fats, which makes it an ideal substitute for nutritional nightmares. And, to top it off, hummus is approved by nutritionists for helping you to ward off hunger pangs and stay slim.

Even better? It’s actually very easy to skip the supermarket stuff and make your own homemade hummus. You’ll just start off with a simple foundation of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. It couldn’t be easier to make your own hummus – and this week, I’m showing you how. From a simple method to top tips, your hummus is guaranteed to be better than anything shop-bought. Let’s get started…

My simple method

  1. Drain and tip the chickpeas into a food processor.
  2. Peel and add the garlic, then add the tahini, a good squeeze of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of oil.
  3. Season with a pinch of sea salt, then pop the lid on and blitz.
  4. Use a spatula to scrape the hummus down the sides of the bowl, then blitz again until smooth.
  5. Have a taste and add more lemon juice or a splash of water to loosen, if needed, then transfer to a serving bowl.
  6. Serve with sliced crunchy veg, such as carrots, cucumbers, radishes or peppers, and some warm flatbreads.

Top tips for the best hummus

  • Use a good food processor: This is essential. If your blades aren’t sharp enough, the hummus won’t come together properly; if the processor is too small, a normal-sized batch won’t fit. I recommend a 6 or 7-cup food processor. If you plan to make hummus regularly, this higher-quality appliance is a worthwhile investment.
  • Spice it up. I love a good classic hummus, but adding in different spices elevates the dip to another level. For a smoky bite, add in ¼-1 tsp of smoked paprika. Throw in some oregano, rosemary, and thyme for an Italian twist. Like Mexican food? Replace the traditional lemon juice with lime, add in some chili powder and coriander.
  • Heat your beans. This is a top tip I can’t make hummus without! After months of chunky hummus, I read that heating beans prior to processing will increase the creaminess. You can use a microwave or stove top, heating the beans for 3 minutes or 5 minutes, respectively. After the beans are heated, simply place them in the food processor along with your other ingredients. It makes all the difference!
  • Add water (or another liquid) slowly: It’s a common technique that’s useful across cooking – add your water slowly! You can always add more liquid, but you can’t take it away. When making hummus, I leave the food processor running and slowly add 110g to 165g of water or reserved can liquid (the amount depends on how thick you like your hummus). I recommend stopping frequently to scrape down the sides of the processor and observe the viscosity.
  • Don’t skimp on the fat: Don’t vilify fat: tahini is wonderful, and it is truly necessary when making a quality hummus. I typically add 55g per batch. I highly recommend using this ingredient because it adds the quintessential creaminess to the dish.

And that’s it! It really is that simple to make your own hummus. The best part? It can be personalised to your taste. If you like it chunky, then that’s how you make it; if smooth is for you, that’s easy too. I promise you, you really will be able to taste the difference from shop-bought hummus. Once you make it, you’ll never go back!

Saad Raja